In searching for the essence of my spirit animal—the hawk—I immersed myself in the action of flight. Embodying the characteristics of his animal, I then embraced the animal’s attributes and explored the visual representation of the Native American culture (from which the Hawk has the most significance). The piece’s iconic nature allows for individual interpretation as well as allowing individual exploration. Framing all of the components, the diamond shape represents the strength held in the spirit of the hawk, as well as in the artist. As the spiritual communicator, I felt called to feature my own religious outlook of Christianity at the center of the piece along with the white & pure feather representing my belief that I've been washed white as snow from sin. Scattered throughout the piece are many more iconic symbols, subtleties, and repetitions that speak to the mutual characteristics of myself and my spirit animal. In my exploration, I found many additional similarities in my life corresponding to that of a wolf: I make nods to this in a hidden manner looking afar at the piece. 

Illustration + print



Inspired by a previous exploration of spirit animals in a digital media context, these prints represent a close friend's vivacity and ferocity. Through thorough research, we discovered elements that represented her sense of moxie, strength, and determination.

Illustration + Print