JC16 is a sermon series at Next Level Church that I did design work for that speaks into not only today's political climate, but to the need for Jesus as the leader. By pursuing a full branding process for this series, we were able to create a strong aesthetic to build off of and communicate strongly the lessons to come.

Film: Josh Duffy

Brand/Identity + Print + Advertising + Web Design


Branded Merchandise

To promote the series as well as to help build a culture of positivity around the current political scene, we decided to create branded merchandise. The goal of these items was not to just make beautiful products for the series but to allow church members to display their decision for Jesus with confidence and style!

The four items we ran with were t-shirts, hats, voter buttons, and bumper stickers. We analyzed the four most-likely items to sell based upon our region, church demographic, and political purchase tendencies.


Social Media & Mobile

Providing digital media resources is not only good marketing, but it gets the community from NLC involved with the series. Giving these Facebook banners, Instagram graphics, and phone wallpapers allows for others to take part and share the word about the series to create more hype.


Marketing Materials

I was asked to create a range of marketing materials including invitation cards, door hangers, lawn signage, and more to promote the series.



A fully responsive, user-friendly website that provides information and resources for the public.

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