You can trust me with Branding, Web Design, Poster Design, TYPE & LAYOUT.


Let's get acquainted.

Hi there, my name is Matt M. Higgins, but you can call me Miggins. I’m a native New Englander with a love for fresh mountain air, horchata lattes, and Queen’s Greatest Hits.

I am a multidisciplinary designer and creative artist with over ten years of experience in working with individuals, organizations, and companies of all sizes. With a diverse background in the visual arts, each project is given a fresh perspective that delivers timeless and quality products for the client.

Some notable projects I have worked on have been with branding and developing the websites for Next Level Church and Deep Water Vineyard as well as specialized projects with Microsoft and Savannah College of Art & Design.

I am always looking forward to new and exciting projects and look forward to hearing from you about how we can work together. 

God Bless, y'all.